Laugicalitea by Loose Electron

Themed around the Terraria mod "Enigma", by Laugic.

photo of For Honor!
For Honor!
by Loose Elect...
earl grey lavender, blueberry, pomegranate
photo of For Glory!
For Glory!
by Loose Elect...
rooibos vanilla, fiery cinnamon spice, cream
photo of Lux: Element of Destruction
Lux: Element of Destruction
by Loose Elect...
citron green, lemongrass, blood orange
photo of Mundus: Element of Conjuration
Mundus: Element of Conjuration
by Loose Elect...
white eternal spring, peppermint, lemongrass
photo of Vis: Element of Illusion
Vis: Element of Illusion
by Loose Elect...
chocolate chai, raspberry patch, ginger


photo of Za Warudo!
Za Warudo!
lapsang souchong, rooibos vanilla chai