Chronosmiths by Kara Dennison

Teas based on characters and stories from The Chronosmith Chronicles by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison. Available from Altrix Books.

photo of The Soldier-Poet
The Soldier-Poet
by Kara Dennison
earl grey bravo, summer rose, vanilla
photo of The Engineer
The Engineer
by Kara Dennison
lapsang souchong, irish breakfast, chocolate
photo of The Detective
The Detective
by Kara Dennison
irish breakfast, lapsang souchong, butterscotch
photo of The Freelancer
The Freelancer
by Kara Dennison
irish breakfast, tiger eye, almond
photo of The Senator
The Senator
by Kara Dennison
chamomile, white peach, white peony


photo of The Super-Soldier
The Super-Soldier
pu-erh dante, vanilla oolong