A Cup of Magic by Heather Talma

A little magic in a cup of tea
Welcome to A Cup of Magic. Here you'll find teas for all sorts of needs. Enjoy whenever your life needs a witch's touch.

photo of Aphroditea
by Heather Talma
fiery cinnamon spice, chocolate chai, wild strawberry
photo of Clairvoyan-tea
by Heather Talma
irish breakfast, cinnamon, peppermint
photo of Focus Juice
Focus Juice
by Heather Talma
irish breakfast, lemon soleil, peppermint
photo of Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams
by Heather Talma
hibiscus, chamomile, peppermint
photo of Sweet Self-Serenitea
Sweet Self-Serenitea
by Heather Talma
summer rose, peppermint, lavender lemon
photo of Nightmare Banishment
Nightmare Banishment
by Heather Talma
chamomile, lemongrass, rooibos jasmine
photo of Peaceful Awakening
Peaceful Awakening
by Heather Talma
irish breakfast, rooibos vanilla chai, peppermint