Kill the CoronaV by Renee Stofanak

Coronavirus is a huge part of 2020 Why not create blends to comfort us during these tough times. These are some feel good blends. Have a seat, take a break, and have a cup of Tea. Kill the CoronaV!

photo of Covid-19 Try to stay healthy
Covid-19 Try to stay healthy
by Renee Stof...
fruit medley, lemongrass, turmeric bliss
photo of Covid-19 school at home
Covid-19 school at home
by Renee Stof...
fiery cinnamon spice, vanilla oolong, blood orange
photo of Covid-19 Social Distancing
Covid-19 Social Distancing
Score: 99
by Renee Stof...
pu-erh dante, vanilla oolong, dragon fruit dream