Netjeru II by Brittany V

Teas of the Netjeru : Gods of Ancient Egypt - Series II
These teas were all inspired by the various gods of Ancient Egypt. Series II is dedicated to the artwork of others who have graciously donated to bring these blends to life. Credits for each work of art will be located in the blend description!

photo of Banebdjedet
Score: 99
by Brittany V
ceylon sonata, raspberry
photo of Herishef
by Brittany V
ginseng green, vanilla green, spearmint
photo of Nefertem
by Brittany V
earl grey lavender, cream, summer rose
photo of Wesir/Osiris
by Brittany V
cocomint green, vanilla green, foxtrot
photo of Hapi
by Brittany V
ginger, spiced apple chai, chamomile