AlterBlade by Emily Tauriel

Sip tea and roll some dice!
A tea collection based on the AlterBlade webcomic by Emi and Lissa, and the novel by Emi! Want to get energized for a game session, or unwind afterward? The AlterBlade tea collection has a variety of options to suit your needs. Care for a cuppa?

photo of Lunaria Starlight
Lunaria Starlight
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of Kaitlyn Ashe
Kaitlyn Ashe
by Emily Tauriel
irish breakfast, cream, vanilla
photo of Rin Hachimura
Rin Hachimura
by Emily Tauriel
green chai, spiced green, hojicha
photo of Tyler Furukawa
Tyler Furukawa
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey lavender, cream, earl grey moonlight
photo of AlterBlade Club
AlterBlade Club
by Emily Tauriel
chocolate chai, caramel, cream
photo of Felicity Bradbury
Felicity Bradbury
by Emily Tauriel
blood orange, cream, orange
photo of Conner Hertz
Conner Hertz
by Emily Tauriel
masala chai, cream, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Isiah Ishikawa
Isiah Ishikawa
by Emily Tauriel
hojicha, peach oolong, apricot green