Divine Hours by April McClure Stewart

divine hours, prayer, divine office, daily office, sunset, morning prayers, evening prayer, vigil
God orders every moment of our living. We wake to the goodness of God, work by the pleasure of God, weep in the sight of God, and rest in the arms of God. These teas celebrate our efforts to recognize our place in the will of God.

photo of Angelus
by April McClu...
pu-erh hazelberry, fruit medley
photo of Compline
by April McClu...
chamomile, foxtrot, spearmint
photo of Lauds
by April McClu...
irish breakfast, cream, chocolate
photo of Vespers
by April McClu...
decaf vanilla, lemongrass, decaf spice
photo of Vigil
by April McClu...
honeybush vanilla, chamomile, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Matins
by April McClu...
earl grey bravo, vanilla, orange