The Countess Chronicles by Katherine Grant

Regency Romance Never Tasted So Good
Pair your novels with the perfect cup of tea with these custom blends from the Countess Chronicles Series

photo of Lady Margot Wharton
Lady Margot Wharton
by Katherine G...
assam melody, cinnamon, forest berries
photo of The Ideal Countess
The Ideal Countess
by Katherine G...
earl grey bravo, cream
photo of Lady Windemere
Lady Windemere
by Katherine G...
irish breakfast, grapefruit, lemon soleil
photo of The Earl of Windemere
The Earl of Windemere
by Katherine G...
vanilla oolong, peach oolong, earl grey green
photo of Miss Alice Winpole
Miss Alice Winpole
by Katherine G...
assam melody, apricot


photo of Miss Lisbeth Dawes
Miss Lisbeth Dawes
pu-erh chorange, cinnamon, snowbud