Bang! Bang! BOOM! by Melanie Schoen

Teas blended to represent various characters from Bang! Bang! BOOM! by Croik and Del,!

photo of BangBangBlend
by Melanie Sch...
earl grey moonlight, fiery cinnamon spice, masala chai
photo of Bella's Blend
Bella's Blend
by Melanie Sch...
mango green, passionfruit tango
photo of BunnyBlend
by Melanie Sch...
earl grey moonlight, pomegranate
photo of Cup o' Eggy
Cup o' Eggy
by Melanie Sch...
irish breakfast, citron green
photo of South Side Smooth
South Side Smooth
by Melanie Sch...
decaf peach, decaf vanilla, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Autumn Date
Autumn Date
by Melanie Sch...
cinnamon, spiced apple chai