Moominvalley by Khana

All teas from this fandom are inspired by the recent adaptation of Tove Jansson's work: Moominvalley (2019). I do not own any of it, I just realized the artworks and the tea blends. This is just for fun! Hope you enjoy. <3

photo of The Spring Tune
The Spring Tune
by Khana
pu-erh hazelberry, oriental spice, gunpowder
photo of Night of the Groke
Night of the Groke
Score: 99
by Khana
earl grey moonlight, cream, blackberry
photo of Snufkin and the Park Keeper
Snufkin and the Park Keeper
by Khana
lapsang souchong, mocha nut mate, chestnut
photo of Ghost Story
Ghost Story
by Khana
coconut, almond oolong, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Little My Moves In
Little My Moves In
by Khana
vanilla green, calypso green, watermelon cooler
photo of Midwinter Ancestor
Midwinter Ancestor
by Khana
foxtrot, peppermint, honeybush vanilla
photo of Moominsummer Madness
Moominsummer Madness
by Khana
summer rose, white eternal spring, citrus mint green
photo of Secret of the Hattifatteners
Secret of the Hattifatteners
by Khana
grapefruit oolong, white chai, white tangerine
photo of The Golden Tale
The Golden Tale
by Khana
christmas, masala chai, turmeric bliss
photo of The Invisible Child
The Invisible Child
by Khana
butterscotch, maple creme oolong, spiced apple chai
photo of The Last Dragon in the World
The Last Dragon in the World
by Khana
fiery cinnamon spice, thai chai, dragon fruit dream
photo of Moominmamma's Maid
Moominmamma's Maid
by Khana
white tangerine, spearmint, lavender lemon


photo of Monster Fish
Monster Fish
mandarin green, peach bellini, honeybush vanilla