Radio Silence by Vanessa Stefaniuk

Radio Silence - LGBTQ Rock Band Webcomic
Radio Silence is an award winning LGBTQ coming-of-age drama about a British rock band's rise to fame. It can be read at and updates every Tuesday. This collection is dedicated to the characters from the story!

photo of Shy Solitude
Shy Solitude
by Vanessa Ste...
cream, hazelnut, mocha nut mate
photo of Siren's Embrace
Siren's Embrace
by Vanessa Ste...
irish breakfast, vanilla, tiger eye
photo of Hackett's Sweets
Hackett's Sweets
Score: 99
by Vanessa Ste...
caramel, chocolate chip, candy apple
photo of Poised Elegance
Poised Elegance
by Vanessa Ste...
assam melody, almond, blood orange
photo of Reliable Hug
Reliable Hug
by Vanessa Ste...
irish breakfast, cream, chestnut