LAMS Blends by Lisa Murray

photo of Berry Almond Amaretto take 2
Berry Almond Amaretto take 2
by Lisa Murray
almond, currant, berry blast
photo of FALL YALL
Score: 80
by Lisa Murray
christmas, gunpowder, cranberry
photo of Summertime Summertime
Summertime Summertime
by Lisa Murray
grapefruit, pomegranate green, wild strawberry
photo of Cherry Almond
Cherry Almond
by Lisa Murray
almond, black cherry, apricot
photo of Duke of Earl Green
Duke of Earl Green
by Lisa Murray
orange, earl grey green, blood orange
photo of Grapefruit
by Lisa Murray
strawberry, grapefruit
photo of Lisas cider 2020
Lisas cider 2020
Score: 80
by Lisa Murray
dewy cherry, sour apple, cranberry
photo of Strawberry Bliss
Strawberry Bliss
by Lisa Murray
strawberry, grapefruit, wild strawberry
photo of LAMS number three
LAMS number three
by Lisa Murray
earl grey green, wild strawberry