Zebra Stripes by Leah Wood

Teas as unique as you are!
As someone who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I often look for natural remedies for various symptoms associated with the disorder. One of my favorite ways to help my body is tea! Tea can assist with a variety of problems, from difficulty sleeping, to morning brain fog, even joint inflammation or muscle soreness. This line of teas is inspired by the Zebras of the world and includes many potential remedies! Enjoy!

photo of Tranquil Dream
Tranquil Dream
by Leah Wood
lavender lemon, lemon soleil, citrus mint green
photo of Muscle Magic
Muscle Magic
by Leah Wood
ginger, turmeric bliss, mango
photo of Headspace
by Leah Wood
peppermint, chamomile, spearmint
photo of Limber Cherry
Limber Cherry
by Leah Wood
cherry green, black cherry, dewy cherry
photo of Evening Bliss
Evening Bliss
by Leah Wood
chamomile, white tangerine, lemon soleil
photo of Berry Solace
Berry Solace
by Leah Wood
raspberry green, raspberry patch, berry blast