Gypsy Soul by Lauren Elizabeth

Gypsy Soul
Teas from my soul.

photo of Daydreamers Blend
Daydreamers Blend
Score: 80
by Lauren Eliz...
irish breakfast, hazelnut, chocolate
photo of Paris in Springtime
Paris in Springtime
by Lauren Eliz...
white strawberry, cream
photo of Barnyard Oolong
Barnyard Oolong
by Lauren Eliz...
vanilla oolong, raspberry, peach
photo of Sweet dream tea
Sweet dream tea
Score: 99
by Lauren Eliz...
decaf earl grey, rooibos vanilla, chamomile
photo of Beach Bum
Beach Bum
by Lauren Eliz...
irish breakfast, coconut, pina colada
photo of Mountain Calling
Mountain Calling
by Lauren Eliz...
toasted mate, cream, hazelnut