Claire's Home Remedies by Lizzie Leonard

Inspired by Mistress Claire Fraser's cures, remedies, and tinctures these blends are great for any Outlander enthusiast or home remedy guru. Enjoy their thoughtfully crafted and well-researched benefits on any occasion that you might need a cure for what ails ye! Slainte!

photo of Claire's Sleep Tight Tea
Claire's Sleep Tight Tea
Score: 99
by Lizzie Leo...
chamomile, honeybush vanilla, fruit medley
photo of Claires Anti-Inflammatory Tea
Claires Anti-Inflammatory Tea
by Lizzie Leo...
coconut, ginger, turmeric bliss
photo of Claire's Cold and Flu
Claire's Cold and Flu
Score: 90
by Lizzie Leo...
peppermint, lemongrass, chamomile
photo of Claire's "On your feet, soldier!"
Claire's "On your feet, soldier!"
by Lizzie Leo...
irish breakfast, gunpowder, earl grey bravo
photo of Claire's Digestive Tea
Claire's Digestive Tea
by Lizzie Leo...
ginger, citrus mint green
photo of Claires Nighttime Migraine
Claires Nighttime Migraine
by Lizzie Leo...
lavender lemon, peppermint, chamomile
photo of Claires Afternoon Tea
Claires Afternoon Tea
by Lizzie Leo...
vanilla oolong, cream, ceylon sonata


photo of Claire's Migraine Tea
Claire's Migraine Tea
kukicha, snowbud, peppermint