Stranger Things by Faith K

photo of El's Eggos
El's Eggos
Score: 96
by Faith K
maple creme oolong, caramel, irish breakfast
photo of The Quest
The Quest
Score: 98
by Faith K
earl grey moonlight, almond oolong, forest berries
photo of The Message
The Message
Score: 85
by Faith K
christmas, hibiscus, cream
photo of U.S.S Butterscotch Sundae
U.S.S Butterscotch Sundae
by Faith K
butterscotch, honeybush chocolate, wild strawberry
photo of Castle Byers
Castle Byers
Score: 93
by Faith K
vanilla oolong, forest berries, almond
photo of Bitchin
by Faith K
cinnamon, blood orange, hojicha
photo of Eleven
Score: 90
by Faith K
pu-erh spice, maple creme oolong, cream
photo of Scoops Ahoy
Scoops Ahoy
Score: 80
by Faith K
butterscotch, vanilla oolong, cream


photo of The Upside down
The Upside down
ceylon sonata, lapsang souchong, mambo
photo of Mind Flayer
Mind Flayer
hibiscus, lapsang souchong, mambo
photo of The Demogorgon
The Demogorgon
blueberry, mambo, lapsang souchong