The Lambe Clan by Kelsey Lambe

photo of Tea For Two
Tea For Two
by Kelsey Lambe
white strawberry, raspberry green, lychee rose green
photo of The Tea Master
The Tea Master
by Kelsey Lambe
white peony, pomegranate green, cherry green
photo of The Golden Child
The Golden Child
by Kelsey Lambe
chamomile, rooibos peach, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Behold! A Silver Sheep!
Behold! A Silver Sheep!
by Kelsey Lambe
cinnamon, rooibos vanilla chai, gingerbread
photo of Iggy was a Spaceman
Iggy was a Spaceman
by Kelsey Lambe
spearmint, citrus mate, green rooibos citron
photo of LA Dreaming
LA Dreaming
by Kelsey Lambe
citron green, mango green, green rooibos citron
photo of Like a Bro
Like a Bro
by Kelsey Lambe
forest berries, raspberry green, berry blast
photo of City Slicking Country Girl
City Slicking Country Girl
by Kelsey Lambe
vanilla oolong, peach oolong
photo of Late Night Recordings
Late Night Recordings
by Kelsey Lambe
pu-erh dante, pu-erh spice, spiced mate
photo of Sinnabun in the Oven
Sinnabun in the Oven
by Kelsey Lambe
rooibos vanilla chai, rooibos cinnamon apple, honeybush vanilla
photo of The Better Doctor
The Better Doctor
by Kelsey Lambe
cream, vanilla, white chai
photo of The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor
by Kelsey Lambe
chocolate chip, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Wednesday Pink
Wednesday Pink
by Kelsey Lambe
strawberry, summer rose, raspberry patch