EDWS by Erin Reilly

EDWS, an original team of Alice in Wonderland inspired characters from the show RWBY, all have tea flavors available for your next mad tea party!

photo of Dorian Lavender
Dorian Lavender
by Erin Reilly
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, blueberry
photo of Starlett Carmina Bloom
Starlett Carmina Bloom
by Erin Reilly
assam melody, honeybush pumpkin chai, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Team EDWS Tea #2
Team EDWS Tea #2
by Erin Reilly
pu-erh chorange, forest berries, raspberry green
photo of Emmy Lee Goldwin
Emmy Lee Goldwin
by Erin Reilly
white peach, chamomile, vanilla oolong
photo of Willy J. Foxglove
Willy J. Foxglove
by Erin Reilly
foxtrot, lemongrass, white monkey