Galactic Envoy by Incandescent Teas

We are brave, your highness
Welcome to the Galactic Envoy collection of teas by Incandescent Teas. Eager to express my love for the heroes of Naboo, this collection honors 9 handmaidens, 1 Queen turned Senator, and 2 locations shared by all of these amazing, strong women that often remain forgotten in Star Wars lore. A handful of the tea blends have a food pairing suggestion along with them.

photo of Lake Country
Lake Country
by Incandescen...
ceylon sonata, fruit medley
photo of The Almost Queen
The Almost Queen
by Incandescen...
cream, forest berries
photo of The Planet
The Planet
by Incandescen...
cream, rooibos jasmine
photo of The Decoy
The Decoy
by Incandescen...
pu-erh hazelberry, cream, hazelnut
photo of The Devoted
The Devoted
by Incandescen...
pu-erh dante, cinnamon, toasted mate
photo of The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice
by Incandescen...
lapsang souchong, cream, currant
photo of The Secret Keeper
The Secret Keeper
by Incandescen...
blackberry, berry blues, honeybush
photo of The Senator
The Senator
by Incandescen...
pu-erh hazelberry, cream, strawberry
photo of The Soothing One
The Soothing One
by Incandescen...
chamomile, honeybush vanilla
photo of The Unyielding
The Unyielding
by Incandescen...
white monkey, kukicha


photo of The Youngest
The Youngest
snowbud, white peony
photo of The Slicer
The Slicer
pu-erh tahiti, rooibos tropics