RWBY by Sarah

photo of Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose
Score: 97
by Sarah
decaf strawberry, decaf vanilla, decaf raspberry
photo of Blake Belladonna
Blake Belladonna
Score: 95
by Sarah
honeybush hazelnut, toasted mate, honeybush vanilla
photo of Ruby Rose (volume 7)
Ruby Rose (volume 7)
Score: 99
by Sarah
rooibos vanilla, rooibos almond, cream
photo of Blake Belladonna (volume 7)
Blake Belladonna (volume 7)
by Sarah
valentines, chocolate chai, cream
photo of Yang Xiao Long (volume 7)
Yang Xiao Long (volume 7)
by Sarah
mango green, calypso green, mango mate
photo of Yang Xiao Long
Yang Xiao Long
Score: 80
by Sarah
earl grey bravo, lapsang souchong, pu-erh spice
photo of Weiss Schnee (volume 7)
Weiss Schnee (volume 7)
by Sarah
chamomile, lavender lemon, peppermint


photo of Weiss Schnee
Weiss Schnee
forest berries, peppermint, pu-erh dante