Madoka Magica by Jill Knutson

photo of The Witch
The Witch
Score: 90
by Jill Knutson
ceylon sonata, passionfruit, blueberry
photo of The Concept
The Concept
by Jill Knutson
strawberry, summer rose, raspberry patch
photo of The Incubator
The Incubator
by Jill Knutson
cinnamon, vanilla, tiger eye
photo of The Transfer Student
The Transfer Student
by Jill Knutson
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender, cream
photo of The Know-It-All
The Know-It-All
by Jill Knutson
oriental spice, sour apple, candy apple


photo of The Veteran
The Veteran
lemon soleil, snowbud, chamomile