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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

Central Oregon Animal Friends is committed to promoting healthy, safe and lifelong relationships between people and their pets through sustainable programs of education, adoption and spay/neutering. We will endeavor to fight for the abused and abandoned, and foster a community where no companion animal will be killed because it is homeless.

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photo of Groo-V Chocolate covered  Strawberry  Nirv-Anna
Groo-V Chocolate covered Strawberry Nirv-Anna
Score: 99
by Mama Vie
strawberry, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Jaal Ama Darav
Jaal Ama Darav
Score: 96
by Vorcha Girl
watermelon cooler, peach oolong, white peony
photo of Groo-V Opera Sisters Cran-Cream
Groo-V Opera Sisters Cran-Cream
by Mama Vie
cranberry, cream
photo of GROO-V-Sara's Peach/Mango
GROO-V-Sara's Peach/Mango
by Mama Vie
rooibos peach, rooibos mango
photo of Groo-V  Sirus Minty Green
Groo-V Sirus Minty Green
Score: 93
by Mama Vie
vanilla green, ginger, peppermint
photo of Groo-V-Tropical Blend
Groo-V-Tropical Blend
rooibos peach, rooibos mango, rooibos tropics