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famous teas collection

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famous teas collection
zhejiang lung ching, fujian ti kuan yin, anhui keemun
These select teas are among China's Famous Teas, which are those considered most eminent in their homeland. While available in a range of grades of varying quality, the very finest are highly prized and considered suitable as gifts for heads of state, royalty, and other venerated posts. Each graciously offers its own gifts to the fortunate sipper in the form of classic character, layered texture, and legendary craftsmanship. Set contains 11.5 oz. of loose tea.


famous teas collection

zhejiang lung ching

zhejiang lung ching

Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish.
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anhui keemun

anhui keemun

Incredible depth of flavor: dates and brown sugar sweetness, hints of cocoa powder, bright black pepper, and toasty biscuit finish.
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fujian ti kuan yin

fujian ti kuan yin

This lightly oxidized tea yields a pale golden cup with a soft, buttery texture and orchid and honeydew melon notes.
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