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Dating back to around the 13th century, Dragon Fruit is native to South American where it was originally known as the Pitaya. The fruit was renamed when introduced to Asian markets around a century ago, in the hopes of sparking interest in the fruit. According to the legend formulated around the new name, fire-breathing mythical creatures created the fruit. During the battle, when a dragon would breathe fire, the last thing to come out at the end of the flames was the Dragon fruit. When the dragon was slain, the fruit would be collected and presented to the Emperor as a coveted treasure and symbol of victory.


Take your blending game to the next level. Use the GritTEA to transform whole spices into flavor-rich, fine-grained inclusions. Easy to operate, works with a variety of sweet and savory spices.
gritTEA grinder
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Show off your spice assortment with these brilliantly designed glass jars. Borosilicate glass will block UV rays from harming the content. An airtight stainless steel lid will keep spices fresh.
12oz glass jar
UV protected
24oz glass jar
UV protected

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