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teamuse blog
We're seeking thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent articles relating to the world of tea.
- 500-700 words
- Journalistic
- Informative
- Educational
- Researched
- Fun!
The goal of articles published on TeaMuse is to educate the tea-lover and help them gain insight into the larger world of tea. If the article is on a tried-and-true subject, we hope to bring a new take or shed new light on an old favorite. Otherwise, we're opening our subscriber's eyes to elegant pairings and subjects they've perhaps not considered before.

Thoughtfully researched and presented articles help our readers enjoy and unwind with their favorite cup. Don't forget to make them fun too!

Articles fall into a wide range of categories and we welcome pieces on anything relating to tea in some way!
adagio blog
We're looking for fun, flashy, quippy and pun-filled content for blog posts.
- Photo/art
- Tea Hacks
- Crafts
- Amusing
- Entertaining
Ideas can be anything, (tea-related, and even tea-adjacent) but what we're shooting for is primarily enjoyment, where the reader can have a great time, perhaps a laugh, and pick up some cool tea tips or hacks along the way.

Do you have a great idea for how to recycle/upcycle our Tea packaging? Have you perfected the best tea cocktail or tea treat and are eager to share the recipe? Have you fashioned your fandom tins into an awesome display? We want to see it all, and feature it on our blog!

Blog posts should be accompanied by images you own, the more creative the better! We're working on the platform to make the posts fun an engaging!
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Continuing our relationship
teamuse blog
After your first published work, should we strike-up an official TeaMuse Author Partnership (Collaborators are paid per article).
adagio blog
If our partnership develops into an ongoing collaboration for Adagio's Blog, you'll receive fun rewards and special savings in your Adagio account. Increasing rewards per post!
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If you're interested in submitting your work for consideration to be published, you can submit finished pieces, drafts or ideas (accompanied by finished samples of other work)
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Not sure if your idea is more TeaMuse or Blog? Submit your idea anyway! We'll work with you to help find it's place!