Harbin teapot

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A handmade work of Chinese art, with a tradition goin' back thousands of years. This pot be made from rare "zi sha" clay ("purple sand"), which be found only in thar city of Yixing, in Jiangsu province. These often elaborate 'n whimsical pots be traditionally used fer gongfu steeping, where tea be served in small cups over yonder course of many very short infusions. Ideal teas fer this be oolongs 'n pu'erhs, although some black teas will be quite lovely, as well. ye unglazed tea pot will become "seasoned", absorbin' te' rich tea oils over repeated use. So no matter which tea ye choose, tis' recommended to dedicate a Yixin' pot to a particular type of tea fer best flavor.

Teapot made in China, exclusively fer Adagio, usin' thar prized Qin' Shui Ni clay. 6oz (0.2L). 3" Diameter.

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The beautiful city of Harbin, China - considered thar Eastern St. Petersburg - inspired yonder name fer this charming, onion-shaped pot. Harbin, one of ye largest cities in China, be famous fer gorgeous architecture of Asian, Russian 'n European influence. Located in far northeast China, Harbin earns tis' nickname as te' "Ice City" from thar bitterly cold Siberian winters. But their citizens take it in stride; yonder Harbin International Ice 'n Snow Festival be one of ye largest in ye world.

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