The Best Teas To Serve at Your Halloween Party

October 04, 2022

by Kimberley K

If you’re planning a halloween party and you’re stuck on what drink to serve, why not serve tea? There are countless different options for you to choose from whether you're looking for something caffeinated or caffeine free. We've narrowed the vast range available at Adagio down to just four options to make things a little easier for you and help to alleviate some of the stress that comes hand in hand with party planning.

Wicked Teas

Wicked Teas are back and delicious as ever. These will surely delight the sweet tooth among you, with both caffeinated and caffeine-free options.

This set features Bat Brew (a chocolate-y chai-spiced black tea blend), Candy Apple Concoction (an apply caramel black tea blend with a touch of cinnamon), Cat Scratch (a black tea blend that combines the delectable flavors of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon), Ghoul Gulp (a decaf vanilla and coconut confection), Monster Mash (a creamy-caramel black tea blend delight), and Pumpkin Potion (a honeybush-based pumpkin pie spiced treat).

These teas are offered separately in sample, 3oz, and 5oz sizes, but the festive sprinkles are only found in the sampler set.

This limited-edition set contains six teas with Halloween inspired flavors is only available in October, so get them while you can in festive packaging! They're the perfect thing to set out to offer guests that also compliment your decor.

Get them before they're gone!

Fruity Iced Teas

There are so many options when it comes to teas you can ice. This option is very attractive as they're something you can prepare in advance and pull out when needed. Grab a few air-tight iced tea pitchers and you're good to go!

Should you be hosting a party that both adults and children will be attending, a caffeine free fruity option is your best choice so everyone present can enjoy the tea. The most fitting of our fruity tisanes would be Blood Orange or Sour Apple.

Blood Orange is a blend of blood orange peels with hibiscus flowers and rose hips for a naturally sweet, rich, hearty and tangy cup. With a good balance of orange peel dryness and fruit juiciness.

Remember that you’ll be watering this down with the addition of ice so make sure you brew it strong. As well as adding ice, consider adding some frozen sweeter fruits like pineapple or apple. Doing so will ensure that the blend isn’t too tangy and will appeal to all of your guests.

With a few minor additions this tea also makes a fantastic fruity cocktail / mocktail and would make a great base for a spooky sangria.

Sour Apple is a blend of fresh apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips which combine together to create a slightly tangy, juicy treat, with sweetness like a candied apple and fresh tart-floral notes of crispy crab apples.

As its name suggests, there is sour tanginess to this blend meaning that without the addition of some frozen sweet fruits or being pre sweetened before icing this may be a little too much for some of your younger party guests, so make sure you keep that in mind when deciding on how you serve this.

3. Matcha Mania

Should you decide to go with our standard matcha get ready to party through the night! Matcha is incredibly versatile and because of that you can use it to make countless different drinks and tea infused treats. Because it is green in color, even if you don’t add any spooky decoration to it, it will fit in perfectly on any halloween drinks table. Amp up that theming by serving your matcha drinks in glasses that look like beakers or potion bottles.

We recommend serving it with a citrus like lemon or yuzu. With citrus on ice, it is an incredibly refreshing sip that is bound to be a crowd pleaser!

Adagio does however also stock many different flavored matchas to choose from! You could even use them to make a matcha simple syrup and add that into cocktails or mocktails. The best way to work with flavored matcha is to pair it with something that will amplify the flavor or pair well with it. For example, pairing raspberry matcha with muddled or frozen raspberries, or adding in a raspberry liquor to boost that raspberry flavor while still keeping the umami matcha notes present.

Pumpkin Teas

Seeing as it’s Halloween and you can’t really have Halloween without pumpkins- we have to include a pumpkin blend on this list. Luckily Adagio has many options all of which can be used to make the most incredibly comforting lattes perfect for the October weather. While iced drinks are the usual go to for a party, your guest will love the addition of something cozy in the cold October weather.

If you’re looking for something caffeinated try out Pumpkin Spice. A delightfully cozy blend of premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavored with pumpkin pie warm spices. This makes an incredible latte and should you choose to top your latte with whipped cream or frothed milk you can add things like halloween sprinkles to the top to make sure it fits with the theming of your party.

If you’re looking for something caffeine free that everyone at your party no matter their age or caffeine tolerance you should go for our Honeybush Pumpkin Chai. This is a blend of honeybush, cinnamon bark, cardamom, ginger root, cocoa nibs & safflower. When enjoyed on its own, this blend makes for a clear and bright cup, with a crisp and tangy-sweet flavor. The heat of the spices is perfectly balanced with the natural smooth, mellow quality of the honeybush, with neither element overpowering the other. It can also be enjoyed as a latte as long as you make sure that you prepare it as a double strength concentrate so all of its best elements can stand up to the addition of milk.

Halloween Drink Party Tip

A top tip when it comes to creating drinks for a halloween party is that a lot of the theming comes from not only the garnishes but also the vessels in which you serve them in.

Garnishes can be something as easy as halloween gummies, frozen fruits cut into halloween shapes, or combined to make things like eyeballs and other spooky things. A great way to add fruit to your drinks and amp up that spookiness is to combine lychees and blueberries to make eyeballs, you can freeze them and use them instead of adding ice cubes to avoid watering down drinks which also add delicious fruit notes to anything you are serving. This also works well with frozen grapes.

If you are using ice, try adding halloween gummies into, or making them with a bright red tea just to amp up those theatrics a little bit, after all we only get to celebrate halloween one night of the year so why not have as much fun as possible. Glasses that are the shape of ghosts, skulls, science beakers and potion bottles are the best way to have any drink fit your theming perfectly.

Happy Halloween to you all! We hope you have the best time and if you do decide to serve any of the drinks mentioned in this post take some shots and share them with us on social media. Remember to tag @adagioteas and use #myadagio so we can see them.