5 Fun Summery Recipes to Enjoy Tea

June 14, 2022

by Abby Morrison

It’s Summer, which means it’s time for beach trips, adventure parks, hikes, BBQs, and all the hot weather activities we enjoy. It’s practically perfect, except for one thing: when you’re coming back from a long day out in the sun, a hot cup of tea might not be...well, your cup of tea.

So what’s a tea fan to do? Well, if you’re having trouble fitting your daily cup into your summer routine, have no fear. Here are five summery ways to fit tea into your daily summer schedule.

1. Iced Tea

For the natural place to start, we have, of course, iced tea.

There are several ways to make iced tea, all of which are fairly simple.

First, if you’re making your tea ahead of time, consider our Iced Tea Pitchers. With a basket for the tea right in the lid, they’re a great way to keep a steady stream of tea on hand.

If you’re working on a tighter schedule, you can also brew hot tea at a stronger intensity (done by adding more leaves, not by brewing for longer!) before adding cold water. Check out the complete iced tea guide here.

For the fastest and easiest route, however, try Adagio's iced teas, which can be made either overnight or in about five minutes with ice.

Bonus tip: Want to keep your tea flavor strong and your iced tea cold? Make tea ice cubes to keep your tea from getting diluted. Simply pour your tea of choice into your ice cube tray before freezing overnight. Please note that some trays are not designed for hot liquids, so you may need to let your tea cool before pouring it into your mold.

2. Ice Cream

There are a few different ways you can work tea into your favorite iced treat.

First, you can make your own tea-flavored ice cream. The TeaChef has several tea-flavored ice cream recipes to get you started, with flavors like Moroccan Mint, Raspberry, Chestnut Chocolate, Masala Chai, Matcha, and Irish Breakfast, or you can use these as a starting point to create your own. Just don’t forget to share it with us on TeaChef if you do!

Looking for something a little less hands-on? No problem. You can still add tea to store-bought ice cream by grinding some of your favorite tea (with the gritTea grinder) and mixing it in. You can also mix it into whipped cream either by steeping it into the cream before whipping or by using ground tea after whipping.

3. Simple Syrups

Simple syrups are flavored syrups made from sugar and water. Coming in a wide variety of flavor combinations, they’re often used for cocktails, toppings, and desserts.

To give them a tea-riffic twist, just swap the water out for your tea of choice. For example, need that perfect drizzle for an angel food cake or brownie? Try a fruity tea like Wild Strawberry or Raspberry Patch.

Hoping to recreate your favorite cocktail? Try Pina Colada or Peach Bellini.

4. Popsicles

Treading the line between iced treats and simple syrups, we have popsicles.

For these, simply brew up your favorite tea and pour them into your popsicle mold of choice (again, make sure your molds can handle hot liquids if you’re not starting with an iced tea).

Looking for something more tactile? Change the texture by adding treats like fruit, candies, or honey, or use a mixed drink like a tea latte or tea-infused smoothie as your starting base.

5. Mixed Drinks

Last but not least, we’ve got mixed drinks.

These can come in both the adult and kid-friendly varieties and will work with any kind of tea you have on hand.

Our list of Easy Summer Cocktails is a great place to get you started, or check out the drinks category on TeaChef. And don’t forget, if you come up with a new favorite on your own, make sure to share the recipe on TeaChef!

There you have it! Five ways to keep your tea game strong whether you’re pool-side, beach-side, or anywhere else soaking up those summer rays. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your tea-filled summer adventures with us @Adagioteas on social.