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silver sampler tea
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4 teas, 1.4oz
silver sampler

silver sampler

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of white teas. Each sample makes about 5 cups of tea. This set includes (though subject to infrequent change):

jasmine silver needle - Softly sweet nuances of Silver Needle enhanced with jasmine. Airy flavor, delicate mouthfeel and pleasantly dry finish.
white symphony - A delicate tea made from tea buds collected and withered prior to opening. It create a pale yellow, light bodied, yet complex cup with hints of honeydew and a faint floral sweetness.
snowbud - Airy, light tea, very delicate body, with a clean, barely sweet aroma and effervescent texture.
silver needle - Pale, ivory colored liquor. Delicately honeysuckle floral, with a warmed sugar sweetness.

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Does it contain caffeine
Asked by Lillian Steinmann
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sampler set contains

jasmine silver needle - Jasmine Silver Needle white tea is made up of young and elegant tea leaf buds with a whisper of jasmine aura. All the appeal and softly sweet nuances of a classic Silver Needle tea, enhanced with the graceful aroma of night-blooming jasmine flowers. Airy flavor, delicate mouthfeel and pleasantly dry finish. The quiet nature of this Jasmine Silver Needle white tea ensures it will make a gentle companion for your special moments.
white symphony - An exquisite version of the White Peony variety, this is a delicate tea made from unopened leaf buds and the newest two leaves to open on the tea bush. For White Symphony, many more buds are included than is typical for classic White Peony. The liquor is very light, similar to Silver Needles. But the flavor is much more complex: faintly floral, warm and sugary like honeydew or white nectarine. Soft mouthfeel and clean, uplifting finish. If you've been enjoying White Peony, we invite you to savor this more refined version.
snowbud - White tea from the Fujian province of China. An airy, light tea, which yields a cup worthy of its name: very delicate body, with a clean, barely sweet aroma and effervescent texture. Snowbud is composed of only the newest leaves and buds, all gathered and dried in the early days of spring. Of all the teas we offer, our Snowbud is the lightest one. If you enjoy the subtle, gentle taste of white tea, we hope you'll give this one a try.
silver needle - Silver Needle (or Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is one of the most revered of Chinese teas, produced in the Fuding and Zhenhe districts of its Fujian province. Gathered only for a few days in early spring, the dedication to perfection is evident in the pale, ivory colored liquor. The lingering fragrance of our Silver Needle is delicately honeysuckle floral, with a warmed sugar sweetness and a subtle hint of white grapes. Silver Needle feels refreshing, soft and airy on the palate. This is a high grade Bai Hao version of this exquisite tea, perfect to enjoy in multiple infusions.

getting started

New to loose teas? Our IngenuiTEA is a wonderful tool to help get you started with the teas in this sampler set. Easy to use and clean, and suited to any loose tea, you'll wonder how you got along without one.

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