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Adagio has traveled the globe to bring you the best in tea and teawares. Now, we bring you a traditional tea accompaniment - tea pets! In a tradition dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368 AD,) our tea pets are small clay figurines intended to accompany you on tea-drinking sojourns. Like a high-quality Chinese teapot, they're made from Yixing clay, known for its ability to absorb the essence of teas. "Feed" your tea pet by pouring brewed tea over it, and it will in time absorb the scent and color. Feed your tea pet the same type of tea each time, for consistent effect. Some tea pets have special holes or cutaways to create different effects with the tea running over them. Adopt a tea pet today!

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Tea thieves beware! This ferocious dragon will guard your tea from any potential threats. The only problem? He might get greedy and want to keep your tea all to himself! Share a cup of tea with him, but keep an eye out for his greedy claws!
L: 2¾"   W: 1¾"   H: 2½"


Inquisitive, steadfast, and maybe just a little dopey, this pup is the ideal companion for your next teatime. Happy to sit by you and lap up bowls of tea, he's loyal until the very end. Share a cup of tea with him, and you'll have a teatime companion for life.
L: 1¾"   W: 2"   H: 3½"


While most pigs might enjoy a good mud bath, this little guy much prefers to bathe in tea! He's happy just to roll around in puddles of oolong and pu'erh all day long. Share a cup of tea with this little piggy today!
L: 2"   W: 2"   H: 3"


Look who happened to perch by you for your morning tea! This little bird is friendly, inquisitive, and can't wait to share a cup of tea with you. Fill up the little knot in his perch, and share your favorite tea with him today.
L: 4½"   W: 2¼"   H: 2¼"


These little lovers can't wait to join you for teatime. Their favorite part of the day is when they get to have tea together, but they're even happier when you join in on the fun! Share a cup of tea with these sweet little lovebirds today.
L: 2½"   W: 2½"   H: 1½"

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Are they tea pots? I'm confused as to why they are called 'pets'.
Asked by Nancy Wilson
on Sep 25th '17

I can't get my X tea pet to shoot out water and it has holes! What do I do? Would you please tell us what each pet does and how to make the effect happen in a short and concise, yet fun video or reply? I can't seem to get my lovebirds to do whatever they
Asked by Verneri Kälviäinen
on Aug 7th '17

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