Allyson Whipple Blends

photo of Berries and Cream
Berries and Cream
by Allyson Whi...
cream, forest berries, vanilla
photo of Cream Dream
Cream Dream
by Allyson Whi...
cinnamon, cream, currant
photo of I Could Have Danced All Night
I Could Have Danced All Night
by Allyson Whi...
mambo, gunpowder, peppermint
photo of Jon's Tea
Jon's Tea
by Allyson Whi...
chocolate, rooibos
photo of Kokosing Farewell
Kokosing Farewell
by Allyson Whi...
white tangerine, citron green, lemongrass
photo of LiteraTEA
by Allyson Whi...
pu-erh dante, vanilla oolong
photo of Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint Chocolate Chip
by Allyson Whi...
chocolate, peppermint
photo of Portrait of the Artist
Portrait of the Artist
by Allyson Whi...
assam melody, ceylon sonata, irish breakfast
photo of Spartan Tea
Spartan Tea
by Allyson Whi...
blueberry, white blueberry
photo of Spiced Nut Oolong
Spiced Nut Oolong
by Allyson Whi...
oriental spice, almond oolong, chestnut
photo of The Best Things . . .
The Best Things . . .
by Allyson Whi...
vanilla, foxtrot
photo of The Pink Earl
The Pink Earl
snowbud, rooibos earl grey
photo of The Tempting Apple
The Tempting Apple
by Allyson Whi...
caramel, chocolate, candy apple