Lauren & Tish Fox Blends

photo of Red Robin
Red Robin
by Lauren & ti...
almond oolong, spearmint, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Nightwing
Score: 90
by Lauren & ti...
berry blast, raspberry patch, mocha nut mate
photo of Batgirl
by Lauren & ti...
green chai, white chai, ginseng green
photo of Commissioner gordon
Commissioner gordon
Score: 90
by Lauren & ti...
vanilla oolong, toasted mate, honeybush vanilla
photo of Alfred
by Lauren & ti...
irish breakfast, earl grey moonlight, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of One Hit Lost
One Hit Lost
by Lauren & ti...
citron green, apricot green, chamomile
photo of Samson's Rage
Samson's Rage
by Lauren & ti...
ginger, blood orange, rooibos
photo of Stylish Eden
Stylish Eden
citron green, mandarin green, mango melange
photo of Azazel's Brimstone
Azazel's Brimstone
by Lauren & ti...
lapsang souchong, cinnamon, orange
photo of Bitter Truth ???
Bitter Truth ???
by Lauren & ti...
white tangerine, dewy cherry, sour apple
photo of Chloe Price
Chloe Price
Score: 99
by Lauren & ti...
gunpowder, fruit medley, raspberry patch
photo of Kate Marsh
Kate Marsh
Score: 90
by Lauren & ti...
honeybush apricot, honeybush vanilla, green rooibos
photo of Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield
Score: 99
by Lauren & ti...
hojicha, spiced green, raspberry patch
photo of Victoria Chase
Victoria Chase
by Lauren & ti...
white monkey, spearmint, sour apple
photo of Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber
Score: 99
by Lauren & ti...
passionfruit, thai chai, pina colada
photo of Noelle
Score: 80
by Lauren & ti...
white peony, white peach, watermelon cooler
photo of Adam's Inner Search
Adam's Inner Search
by Lauren & ti...
oriental spice, ginseng green, spiced green
photo of Allen's Brooding Time
Allen's Brooding Time
by Lauren & ti...
assam melody, cream, toasted mate
photo of Aurelia Rooibos
Aurelia Rooibos
by Lauren & ti...
almond, coconut, rooibos vanilla
photo of First Sight Love
First Sight Love
by Lauren & ti...
green chai, lemongrass, spearmint
photo of Law of Effect & Reinforcement
Law of Effect & Reinforcement
by Lauren & ti...
caramel, ginger, oriental spice
photo of Talk and Teach
Talk and Teach
by Lauren & ti...
pu-erh chorange, vanilla oolong, decaf orange
photo of Tell Me About Your Mother
Tell Me About Your Mother
by Lauren & ti...
spiced apple chai, cranberry, chestnut
photo of The Little Minds
The Little Minds
by Lauren & ti...
vanilla green, fruit medley, wild strawberry
photo of Eugene Woods
Eugene Woods
by Lauren & ti...
earl grey bravo, vanilla oolong, almond oolong
photo of Runner 4
Runner 4
by Lauren & ti...
wild strawberry, rooibos vanilla, honeybush