007 by Cathlin M

Bond (over tea): your coworkers may sell off your things, but they're the only people who know your perfect cuppa by heart.
A collection of teas lovingly inspired by the universe of the 007 stories.

photo of (M)a'am
by Cathlin M
assam melody, pu-erh dante, currant
photo of Q
by Cathlin M
earl grey moonlight, almond
photo of Bond
by Cathlin M
pu-erh dante, gunpowder, yerba mate
photo of Tanner
Score: 99
by Cathlin M
rooibos caramel, rooibos earl grey, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Trevelyan
by Cathlin M
pu-erh spice, berry blast, toasted mate
photo of (M)allory
by Cathlin M
irish breakfast, masala chai, hojicha
photo of Moneypenny
by Cathlin M
ceylon sonata, chocolate chai pu-erh, chamomile