BIOSHOCK INFINITEA by Susanne Sholander

Hot? Or Iced?
A group of blends based off of many of the unforgettable characters from Bioshock Infinite.

photo of Elizabeth
Score: 95
by Susanne Sho...
cream, blackberry, wild strawberry
photo of R. Lutece
R. Lutece
Score: 91
by Susanne Sho...
mambo, vanilla, pumpkin spice
photo of Booker Dewitt
Booker Dewitt
Score: 93
by Susanne Sho...
irish breakfast, spiced apple chai, toasted mate
photo of Songbird
Score: 94
by Susanne Sho...
cinnamon, tiger eye, chocolate chai
photo of Father Comstock
Father Comstock
Score: 85
by Susanne Sho...
hojicha, white monkey, sour apple
photo of The Anarchist Daisy Fitzroy
The Anarchist Daisy Fitzroy
Score: 85
by Susanne Sho...
assam melody, hibiscus, gunpowder