MOTORCITY by Laura Peńa

Live Fast, Drink Tea
Mike Chilton, the leader of the Burners—defenders of the Motorcity—fight against the controlling rule of Kane as he tries to forcefully assimilate the Motorcitizens into Detroit Deluxe. The group of freedom fighters spend their days holding back the onslaught of Kane’s forces from Deluxe—built above Motorcity—while keeping order in the gang-ruled, gritty underworld that they live in. With the help of their high-tech cars and the support of each other, Mike Chilton, Chuck, Julie Kane, Dutch Gordy, and Texas make sure to protect their and other’s freedom every day for the greater good. Inspired by the personalities of the Burners are a line of Motorciteas that embody their best attributes.

Mike Chilton
Mike Chilton
Score: 99
by Laura Peńa
masala chai, caramel, hazelnut
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