J. DECAT by Neko Gerdes

Catnap Time!
Decaf and low-caffeine versions of some J. Cottage favorites.

photo of Chocolate Chai (rooibos)
Chocolate Chai (rooibos)
Score: 95
by Neko Gerdes
rooibos vanilla chai, honeybush chocolate
photo of Spiced Vanilla (decaf)
Spiced Vanilla (decaf)
Score: 99
by Neko Gerdes
decaf ceylon, decaf vanilla
photo of At Ease (decaf)
At Ease (decaf)
by Neko Gerdes
spearmint, decaf earl grey, decaf vanilla
photo of Fizz (decaf)
Fizz (decaf)
by Neko Gerdes
blood orange, decaf vanilla, decaf orange