7KPP by jilly fae

In honor of the potential starting characters for the visual novel/political sim 7KPP. For the Adorable Army, and their patience in waiting for our game to be released. Have some tea!

photo of Ambitious Widow
Ambitious Widow
by Jilly Fae
tiger eye, butterscotch, chestnut
photo of Court Lady
Court Lady
by Jilly Fae
rooibos vanilla chai, mocha nut mate, spiced mate
photo of Daughter of a Notorious Pirate
Daughter of a Notorious Pirate
by Jilly Fae
coconut grove pouchong, papaya pouchong, wild strawberry
photo of Minor Lady of a Scholarly Bent
Minor Lady of a Scholarly Bent
by Jilly Fae
citrus mate, mango mate, green rooibos bonita
photo of Sheltered Princess
Sheltered Princess
by Jilly Fae
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, peach oolong
photo of Tomboy Countess
Tomboy Countess
by Jilly Fae
earl grey lavender, lavender lemon, rooibos earl grey