Ideal Teas by abby

Teas with Intention
Teas I have created with a specific feeling, memory, or activity in mind. "Ideal" because this is the tea I would want in these situations. These are very intentional and can be used when connected to the tea's meaning, but also whenever you please. Lots of yummy flavors with a focus on low/no caffeine.

photo of Night Routine
Night Routine
by Abby
chamomile, lavender lemon, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Bookclub Picnic
Bookclub Picnic
by Abby
forest berries, green rooibos bonita, decaf blueberry
photo of Curling up on a fall night
Curling up on a fall night
by Abby
cream, honeybush pumpkin chai, decaf vanilla
photo of Farmers Market
Farmers Market
by Abby
gunpowder, spearmint, watermelon cooler
photo of Its going to be a long day
Its going to be a long day
by Abby
assam melody, caramel, honeybush banana nut
photo of My Head Hurts
My Head Hurts
by Abby
citron green, chamomile, peppermint
photo of Rip off your bra
Rip off your bra
by Abby
rooibos caramel, honeybush chocolate, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Summers on the deck
Summers on the deck
by Abby
wild strawberry, kona pineapple, decaf mango