Lachapelle Exclusive by Peg Fulton

photo of LaChapelle Exclusive #7 Peach Rain
LaChapelle Exclusive #7 Peach Rain
Score: 99
by Peg Fulton
peach, summer rose, white peach
photo of Almond Peach Ginger
Almond Peach Ginger
by Peg Fulton
almond, ginger, peach oolong
photo of Decaf Tropical Vanilla
Decaf Tropical Vanilla
by Peg Fulton
pina colada, decaf vanilla, decaf tropics
photo of LaChapelle Exclusive #5 RooVan
LaChapelle Exclusive #5 RooVan
by Peg Fulton
fruit medley, mango melange, rooibos vanilla