99th Blends by Red Rarebit

A collection for all my silly OCs and characters I've made over the years!
Teas for the members of the 99th Ravagers, crew of the good ship Tartarus! None of this makes sense.

photo of Everyones Grandma
Everyones Grandma
by Red Rarebit
forest berries, raspberry patch, chestnut
photo of Murderous Slut
Murderous Slut
Score: 95
by Red Rarebit
almond, black cherry, tiger eye
photo of Star-Born Mutt
Star-Born Mutt
Score: 99
by Red Rarebit
cream, ginger, orange
photo of Sugar Nut
Sugar Nut
by Red Rarebit
almond, caramel, hazelnut
photo of 65 inches of woopass
65 inches of woopass
Score: 99
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh spice, ginger, tiger eye
photo of Commander Hotpants
Commander Hotpants
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh spice, ginger, chestnut
photo of Dr Cool
Dr Cool
by Red Rarebit
citrus mint green, foxtrot, spearmint
photo of Purrfect Lady
Purrfect Lady
by Red Rarebit
mambo, earl grey lavender, white monkey
photo of All bite no bark
All bite no bark
by Red Rarebit
gunpowder, hojicha, spiced green
photo of Here Kitty Kitty
Here Kitty Kitty
by Red Rarebit
cream, apricot, white peony
photo of Kooky Broad
Kooky Broad
by Red Rarebit
hazelnut, spiced apple chai, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Not Spaghetti
Not Spaghetti
by Red Rarebit
blueberry, cherry green, fruit medley
photo of Sugar and Spice
Sugar and Spice
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh dante, chocolate chai, spiced apple chai
photo of Captain Sweetheart
Captain Sweetheart
by Red Rarebit
assam melody, pu-erh dante, oriental spice
photo of Daddy Sensible
Daddy Sensible
by Red Rarebit
assam melody, pu-erh dante
photo of Deep in the pink
Deep in the pink
by Red Rarebit
white peach, apricot green
photo of Lil Pink Kickass
Lil Pink Kickass
by Red Rarebit
ceylon sonata, mambo, hibiscus
photo of Promoted Troublemaker
Promoted Troublemaker
by Red Rarebit
currant, vanilla, cranberry
photo of Royal Dick
Royal Dick
by Red Rarebit
strawberry, ginseng green, kukicha
photo of Scuttling Cuppa
Scuttling Cuppa
by Red Rarebit
pomegranate, sour apple, citrus mate
photo of Sea Blossom
Sea Blossom
by Red Rarebit
earl grey lavender, peach, hibiscus
photo of Tweaked Genius
Tweaked Genius
by Red Rarebit
blackberry, yerba mate, honeybush
photo of Chemical Brew
Chemical Brew
by Red Rarebit
white monkey, foxtrot, spearmint