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In 1979, Jerome H. Stone and representatives from several family support groups met with the National Institute on Aging to explore the value of a national, independent, nonprofit organization to complement federal efforts surrounding Alzheimer's disease. That meeting resulted in the April 10, 1980, formation of the Alzheimer's Association with Mr. Stone as founding president. Today, the Association reaches millions of people affected by Alzheimer's across the globe through our national office and chapters in communities nationwide. We are the world's leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research.

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photo of cadaverous pallor
cadaverous pallor
Score: 95
by Emma Mosier
lapsang souchong, earl grey lavender
photo of Cranberry Almond
Cranberry Almond
Score: 93
by Molly Nesham
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, cranberry
photo of Pandaren
Score: 99
by Sarah Cory
coconut, oriental spice, thai chai
photo of Blood Elf
Blood Elf
Score: 90
by Sarah Cory
earl grey bravo, blood orange, rooibos vanilla
photo of Vanilla Caffeine
Vanilla Caffeine
Score: 99
by Loula Fedko...
vanilla, yerba mate
photo of The Charlatan & The Pathfinder
The Charlatan & The Pathfinder
Score: 99
by Vorcha Girl
black cherry, chocolate chip, cranberry
photo of Chocolate Orange Twist
Chocolate Orange Twist
Score: 93
by Keira Cross...
pu-erh chorange, chocolate chip
photo of Ginger Ginseng
Ginger Ginseng
by Loula Fedko...
ginger, ginseng green
photo of My Favorite Profiler
My Favorite Profiler
Score: 95
by Patrice Bader
almond, cream, honeybush vanilla
photo of Bamboozled (Mirage)
Bamboozled (Mirage)
by Aiden B
caramel, vanilla, pumpkin spice
photo of Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines
by Cinda Rutter
cream, oriental spice, white eternal spring
photo of LTTU
by Sarah G.
earl grey moonlight, strawberry, vanilla
photo of Vanilla Carmel cream
Vanilla Carmel cream
Score: 99
by Daneene Kel...
caramel, cream, vanilla
photo of Theia
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
fiery cinnamon spice, chocolate chai
photo of Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines
by Cinda Rutter
assam melody, masala chai, peppermint
photo of Carter
Score: 90
by Misi
earl grey lavender, vanilla, hazelnut
photo of The Wicker Man
The Wicker Man
by Cosmic Bisc...
peach, pomegranate, gunpowder
photo of Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah
by Lindsey O'b...
ceylon sonata, cream, pomegranate
photo of Nick's Nifty Brew
Nick's Nifty Brew
Score: 99
by Keira Cross...
mambo, earl grey moonlight, vanilla
photo of terry pratchett
terry pratchett
by Tegan Orosz
earl grey bravo, pomegranate, white tropics
photo of Spicy Apple Pie
Spicy Apple Pie
by Loula Fedko...
cinnamon, spiced apple chai, sour apple
photo of Ruby Red
Ruby Red
by Nicole Kni...
pomegranate, grapefruit oolong, berry blast
photo of Raven
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
caramel, vanilla, chocolate chai
photo of Narnia: Caspians Ship Blend
Narnia: Caspians Ship Blend
by Kaleigh
passionfruit, peach oolong, white eternal spring
photo of Xmas & Caramel
Xmas & Caramel
by Robin Hudson
caramel, chocolate chip, candy cane
photo of Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.
Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.
Score: 90
by Kali Levon
white peony, white eternal spring, foxtrot
photo of West Side Sangria
West Side Sangria
by Urban alleg...
grapefruit oolong, blood orange, rooibos orange
photo of Olympus
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
caramel, white blueberry, white peach
photo of GREEN TEA
by Chad Waldap...
hojicha, decaf earl grey, decaf spice
photo of Grumpy and Sunshine
Grumpy and Sunshine
Score: 80
by Bri C
gunpowder, vanilla green, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Summer Sunrise
Summer Sunrise
by Leah Willis
pina colada, wild strawberry, honeybush banana nut
photo of Honeymoon Island
Honeymoon Island
by Urban alleg...
pu-erh tahiti, coconut, white tropics
photo of Lost
by Urban alleg...
assam melody, ginger, blood orange
photo of Purple Horizons
Purple Horizons
Score: 99
by Cinda Rutter
earl grey lavender, cream
photo of Kaltain Rompier
Kaltain Rompier
Score: 80
by Emma
white blueberry, white peach, green pekoe
Score: 90
by Matthew Myles
white peach, kukicha, wild strawberry
photo of Self-rescuing Damsel
Self-rescuing Damsel
by Loula Fedko...
chocolate, hazelnut, honeybush vanilla
photo of Health Blend 1
Health Blend 1
by Elissa Smith
ginger, spiced green, decaf blueberry
photo of Blue Ridge Foothills
Blue Ridge Foothills
by John Grantner
assam melody, ceylon sonata, hibiscus
photo of Go Study
Go Study
by What No
assam melody, pu-erh dante, hazelnut
photo of Chanyeol - Fire
Chanyeol - Fire
by Julianne Ce...
assam melody, cinnamon
photo of Alice
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
earl grey lavender, raspberry, vanilla
photo of CranVan Spice
CranVan Spice
Score: 99
by Kayla Emig
rooibos vanilla, green rooibos blueberry, decaf spice
photo of Naali
by Anna Weimer
assam melody, vanilla, white blueberry
photo of Hudson Valley Autumn
Hudson Valley Autumn
Score: 99
by Urban alleg...
fiery cinnamon spice, honeybush pumpkin chai, pumpkin spice
photo of Aridace
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
vanilla, fiery cinnamon spice, spiced apple chai
photo of Luna
Score: 99
by Anna Weimer
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of Grandpa Freddys Waffles!
Grandpa Freddys Waffles!
Score: 99
by Mxtr Owl
vanilla oolong, maple creme oolong, gingerbread
photo of #LTTU
by Sarah G.
earl grey bravo, blueberry, blackberry
photo of #LTTU (Decaf)
#LTTU (Decaf)
by Sarah G.
decaf earl grey, decaf mango, decaf blueberry