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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

Almost Home Rescue (AHR) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit all-breed rescue organization dedicated to saving lives and finding forever homes for stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs in danger of euthanasia. We are strictly a volunteer run organization and have no paid staff or board members. We rely on a network of volunteer foster homes and do not have a physical shelter. Almost Home Rescue holds permits to import dogs to the States of Maine and New Hampshire.

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photo of Dying to Have You
Dying to Have You
Score: 99
by Emma Mosier
lapsang souchong, forest berries, hojicha
photo of DFTBA Don’t Forget Bridgette’s Awesome
DFTBA Don’t Forget Bridgette’s Awesome
Score: 97
by Communitea ...
irish breakfast, pu-erh hazelberry, vanilla
photo of Kaidan loves Shepard!
Kaidan loves Shepard!
Score: 90
by Vorcha Girl
earl grey lavender, white blueberry, white peach
photo of Fantastic Beasts
Fantastic Beasts
Score: 99
by Hannah Hall
pu-erh hazelberry, tiger eye, green chai
photo of Python's Lazy Afternoon Cup
Python's Lazy Afternoon Cup
Score: 99
by Sarah B
currant, white monkey, decaf blueberry
photo of Lady Sassassin
Lady Sassassin
Score: 99
by Ace of airs...
orange, peach, apricot
photo of Gray's Earl Grey Tea
Gray's Earl Grey Tea
Score: 99
by Sarah B
earl grey bravo, earl grey green, foxtrot
photo of We'll Bang, Ok?
We'll Bang, Ok?
Score: 99
by Vorcha Girl
earl grey moonlight, passionfruit, vanilla
photo of Your Eyes are Like Sapphires
Your Eyes are Like Sapphires
Score: 99
by Tea maiden
white peony, white blueberry, vanilla green
photo of Sorry, just doing my job
Sorry, just doing my job
Score: 99
by Kayla Walker
assam melody, cream, gingerbread
photo of Butter Rum Test 1
Butter Rum Test 1
by Genevieve C...
caramel, coconut, vanilla
photo of Canine Cup
Canine Cup
Score: 90
by Katrina K.
cream, vanilla, chestnut
photo of Butter Rum Test 2
Butter Rum Test 2
by Genevieve C...
coconut, cream, vanilla
photo of Love Potion no.9
Love Potion no.9
by Lesley Shuman
chocolate, currant, raspberry
photo of Afternoon in Orbit
Afternoon in Orbit
by James Meyer
raspberry patch, wild strawberry, rooibos vanilla
photo of Tropic Nebulous
Tropic Nebulous
by James Meyer
coconut, vanilla, gunpowder
photo of Percussive Maintenance
Percussive Maintenance
by Leah Lucci
earl grey moonlight, maple creme oolong, rooibos caramel
photo of Rocco's Relaxer
Rocco's Relaxer
by Alyssa G
blood orange, chamomile, spearmint
photo of Chocobee Miruku
Chocobee Miruku
by Insurgent I...
chocolate, cream, honeybush
photo of chocolate patties
chocolate patties
by Katie Distler
cream, chocolate chip, rooibos cocomint
photo of And Thats on Gods
And Thats on Gods
by Hanna Lafko
strawberry, summer rose, candy apple
photo of Diogee
by Avery Moran
cream, thai chai, rooibos vanilla
photo of Mangoes and Berries
Mangoes and Berries
by Nicole Puiia
raspberry patch, wild strawberry, decaf mango
photo of Thaddeus
by Britney Mac...
irish breakfast, cinnamon, ginger
photo of So White
So White
by Nicole Puiia
summer rose, sour apple, rooibos orange
photo of Louise
by Rebecca Scott
pu-erh hazelberry, coconut, chocolate chai
photo of Make Him Pay for It
Make Him Pay for It
by The deepest...
pu-erh dante, almond, forest berries
photo of 2016 Relaxation
2016 Relaxation
by Kate W
irish breakfast, pu-erh chorange, decaf vanilla
photo of The Pashalemonry Experiment
The Pashalemonry Experiment
by Mike Flarew...
forest berries, passionfruit, lemon soleil