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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

8 million children worldwide are living in institutions because they are poor, disabled or from an ethnic minority. This is a serious problem, on a massive scale, but there is a solution. Lumos works in partnership with governments, professionals and carers, communities, families and children, to transform outdated systems that drive families apart. Together with our partners we replace institutions with community based services that provide children with access to health, education and social care tailored to their individual needs. This supports families to provide the loving care their children need to develop to their full potential and build a positive future for themselves.

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photo of The Kneazle
The Kneazle
by Nicole King...
white tangerine, peppermint
photo of Snape
by Chiara astr...
irish breakfast, gunpowder
photo of Samson & Maddox
Samson & Maddox
Score: 95
by Dianna Bedell
irish breakfast, cinnamon, berry blast
photo of Angelica Schuyler
Angelica Schuyler
by Luna Lovegood
tiger eye, chocolate chai, masala chai
photo of Free Elf
Free Elf
by Hannah Hall
vanilla oolong, candy apple, gingerbread
photo of Dragon's Milk
Dragon's Milk
Score: 90
by Justin Bast...
lapsang souchong, pu-erh spice, thai chai
photo of Butterbeer
Score: 99
by Justin Bast...
caramel, vanilla oolong, rooibos almond
photo of Gillywater
Score: 99
by Justin Bast...
pu-erh dante, pomegranate, white tangerine
photo of Pumpkin Juice
Pumpkin Juice
Score: 90
by Justin Bast...
caramel, almond oolong, pumpkin spice
photo of Exploding Lemonade
Exploding Lemonade
Score: 80
by Justin Bast...
lemongrass, green rooibos citron, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Knotgrass Mead
Knotgrass Mead
Score: 99
by Justin Bast...
almond oolong, toasted mate, honeybush vanilla
photo of Red
by A F
christmas, cream, decaf vanilla
photo of Rarity's Royal Tea
Rarity's Royal Tea
by Mochi
earl grey moonlight, berry blues
photo of Love
Score: 99
by Mxtr Owl
caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut
photo of Citrus Sun
Citrus Sun
by Nicole Kni...
irish breakfast, lemon soleil, blood orange
photo of  Gryffindor’s bedtime
Gryffindor’s bedtime
by Samantha J...
spiced apple chai, decaf spice, decaf orange
photo of Winter Wakeup Call
Winter Wakeup Call
by Beatrix Ste...
pu-erh hazelberry, masala chai, mocha nut mate
photo of Brightheart
by Aryn Burr
forest berries, peach oolong, lemongrass
photo of Peaicot Vannila green
Peaicot Vannila green
by Jennifer Si...
white peach, apricot green, vanilla green
photo of  Hufflepuff’s bedtime
Hufflepuff’s bedtime
by Samantha J...
forest berries, chamomile, decaf raspberry
photo of Slytherin’s bedtime
Slytherin’s bedtime
by Samantha J...
vanilla green, spearmint, decaf vanilla
photo of  Ravenclaw’s bedtime
Ravenclaw’s bedtime
by Samantha J...
decaf earl grey, decaf vanilla, decaf blueberry
photo of Oliver
by Seneca Down...
earl grey moonlight, fiery cinnamon spice, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of Friends? Always
Friends? Always
by Kelsie Brooke
earl grey lavender, blueberry, honeybush vanilla
photo of King of the Confectionary Bag
King of the Confectionary Bag
by Kelsie Brooke
cream, fiery cinnamon spice, peppermint
photo of Its Magic: Himiko Yumeno
Its Magic: Himiko Yumeno
by Amber Johns...
butterscotch, candy apple, pumpkin spice
photo of Ollivander's
by Two girls o...
almond oolong, toasted mate, rooibos jasmine
photo of Magic
by Winter Hart
lapsang souchong, tiger eye, rooibos vanilla
photo of Chelle
by Michelle O...
cream, chocolate chai, wild strawberry
photo of The Gingercandream Experiment
The Gingercandream Experiment
by Mike Flarew...
cream, candy cane, gingerbread
photo of Charlie Weasley
Charlie Weasley
by Allison Mas...
cream, rooibos vanilla chai, dewy cherry
photo of Bill Weasley
Bill Weasley
by Allison Mas...
peach, peach oolong, yerba mate
photo of The Lion
The Lion
by John
ginger, vanilla oolong, berry blast
photo of London Foggy Vanilla
London Foggy Vanilla
by Tegan Switzer
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of Rae Bae
Rae Bae
by Lauren Winn
wild strawberry, rooibos vanilla, honeybush