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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

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photo of Vyn
by Sahara Desert
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of Violet Harmon
Violet Harmon
Score: 95
by Rianna Hard...
earl grey lavender, raspberry, grapefruit
photo of Hecate
by Eliza Papar...
assam melody, currant, pomegranate
photo of Appetite for Blood
Appetite for Blood
Score: 99
by Patrice Bader
caramel, cream, butterscotch
photo of Hank
Score: 99
by Paichan13
hazelnut, chocolate chai, hojicha
photo of Marius
by Sahara Desert
blueberry, blackberry, fruit medley
photo of Artem
Score: 80
by Sahara Desert
summer rose, vanilla green, lychee rose green
photo of Overwhelming Feeling of Ennui
Overwhelming Feeling of Ennui
Score: 90
by Jack Campbell
earl grey lavender, vanilla, summer rose
photo of Luke
by Sahara Desert
cinnamon, oriental spice, thai chai
photo of SPACE
by Jenessa Long
earl grey moonlight, forest berries, berry blues
photo of that's just tuesday
that's just tuesday
by Lia Odiaga
chamomile, lavender lemon, rooibos earl grey
photo of P5- Joker's Wild: Akira
P5- Joker's Wild: Akira
by Raiji Magiw...
pomegranate, cherry green, blood orange
photo of Deanfluenza
Score: 99
by Unorthodox ...
vanilla green, lychee rose green, chamomile
photo of MC
by Sahara Desert
caramel, maple creme oolong, spiced apple chai
photo of Little Dreidel
Little Dreidel
by Elisheva Levy
hazelnut, almond oolong, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Golden Gelt
Golden Gelt
by Elisheva Levy
chocolate, vanilla oolong, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of Pu'er For Art Thou Romeo?
Pu'er For Art Thou Romeo?
Score: 99
by The bard
pu-erh dante, pu-erh chorange, pu-erh hazelberry
photo of Eiji Okumura
Eiji Okumura
by Maja W
chocolate chai, rooibos vanilla chai, mocha nut mate
photo of Sufganiyot
by Elisheva Levy
raspberry patch, wild strawberry, rooibos vanilla
photo of Sweet Shooting Stars
Sweet Shooting Stars
Score: 99
by Setteal
vanilla, chamomile, honeybush
photo of Sunset Paradise
Sunset Paradise
Score: 99
by Mike Cuevas
thai chai, honeybush hazelnut, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Maccabee
by Elisheva Levy
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, white tangerine
photo of Ash Lynx
Ash Lynx
by Maja W
chamomile, chestnut, gingerbread
photo of The Warlocks Blend
The Warlocks Blend
by Mckenzie Bl...
mambo, tiger eye, maple creme oolong
photo of Blood On The Lake
Blood On The Lake
by Brittany N.
hibiscus, blood orange, toasted mate
photo of Imena
by Genki
pu-erh dante, summer rose
photo of Cocomint Green EX
Cocomint Green EX
by Lily Reyna
cocomint green, vanilla green, spearmint
photo of Omega Flowey
Omega Flowey
Score: 99
by Chromatic S...
pu-erh chorange, fiery cinnamon spice, turmeric bliss
photo of The Ghost
The Ghost
assam melody, pu-erh dante, vanilla oolong
photo of Iron Bull
Iron Bull
by Tiffany Brown
tiger eye, cocomint green, peppermint
photo of Ink
Score: 90
by Emily Porter
forest berries, grapefruit oolong, green rooibos blueberry
photo of Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze
by Sahara Desert
citrus mint green, peach bellini
photo of Mysteries of the Lost Gold
Mysteries of the Lost Gold
by Sahara Desert
lapsang souchong, fiery cinnamon spice, gunpowder
photo of Violet Harmon
Violet Harmon
by Tatum Felic...
earl grey lavender, caramel, vanilla
photo of Sweet Friend: Aoi Asahina
Sweet Friend: Aoi Asahina
by Amber Johns...
caramel, coconut, honeybush banana nut
photo of Substitution Jutsu
Substitution Jutsu
by Justin
lapsang souchong, yerba mate, rooibos orange
photo of Delta Gamma Mate
Delta Gamma Mate
by Tenise Leedom
cream, berry blast, yerba mate
photo of Alpha Thee Phi
Alpha Thee Phi
by Tenise Leedom
raspberry green, chamomile, raspberry patch
photo of Yehudit
by Elisheva Levy
fiery cinnamon spice, green chai, vanilla green
photo of Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays
by Sarah Reid
pomegranate green, cranberry, gingerbread
photo of Citrus
Score: 99
by Emily Porter
earl grey bravo, orange, lemon soleil
photo of Sans
Score: 99
by Emily Porter
assam melody, mambo, vanilla
photo of Gottem
by Emily Porter
earl grey bravo, blueberry, white blueberry
photo of Pi Bohea Phi
Pi Bohea Phi
by Tenise Leedom
lapsang souchong, papaya pouchong, wild strawberry
photo of Error
Score: 99
by Emily Porter
pu-erh spice, fiery cinnamon spice, sour apple
photo of Bunuelos
by Elisheva Levy
vanilla, vanilla green, chamomile
photo of Candlelight
by Elisheva Levy
pomegranate, pomegranate green, chamomile
photo of Days Long Ago
Days Long Ago
by Elisheva Levy
pu-erh dante, pomegranate, ginseng green
photo of Big sad
Big sad
by Bob Bob
sour apple, wild strawberry
photo of Hot Winter
Hot Winter
by Emily Porter
ginger, vanilla oolong, turmeric bliss