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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

We build and fund partnerships which link together hospitals in the developed world with childhood cancer units in developing countries. What makes these partnerships possible is that many of the world's leading hospitals, doctors and nurses give their time for free – training healthcare professionals around the world where they are needed most. This voluntary medical aid enables us to fund vital services and tools to ensure children and their families receive the support they need.

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photo of Claire-i-Tea
Score: 98
by Jeannie Hur...
earl grey moonlight, white blueberry, white peach
photo of Anime
by Eray E
peach, white chai, kukicha
photo of Hopper's Blend
Hopper's Blend
Score: 90
by Emily G
irish breakfast, cream
photo of Comforting Wings
Comforting Wings
by Rebecca Col...
chamomile, rooibos jasmine, honeybush
photo of Dumbledore
by Chiara astr...
assam melody, pu-erh dante, lemon soleil
photo of Sumreen Tea
Sumreen Tea
by Jese Lynn
white pear, fruit medley, wild strawberry
photo of Earl creamla
Earl creamla
by Cole Stolze...
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of House special
House special
by Abigail Ken...
strawberry, white strawberry
photo of Molly
by Chiara astr...
earl grey bravo, gingerbread
photo of Pure
by Elmira Nadi...
apricot, white blueberry, white peach
photo of Bobby the ice glacier
Bobby the ice glacier
by Jillian Ca...
rooibos vanilla chai, citrus mint green, candy cane