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LGBT Foundation, formerly known as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (The LGF), is a national charity delivering a wide range of services to lesbian, gay and bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities. We believe in a fair and equal society where all LGBT people can achieve their full potential. We are passionate about the work we do with LGBT communities and we want to be as inclusive as possible to ensure LGBT voices are heard and their needs are met.

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photo of Gay Pride
Gay Pride
Score: 99
by Ineffable W...
ceylon sonata, coconut, cherry green
photo of Jack Frost
Jack Frost
Score: 99
by Samantha Bo...
chocolate chip, peppermint, candy cane
photo of Bi Pride
Bi Pride
Score: 94
by Ineffable W...
earl grey lavender, blackberry, honeybush vanilla
photo of Ace Pride
Ace Pride
Score: 99
by Ineffable W...
blueberry, rooibos vanilla chai, rooibos earl grey
photo of Trans Pride
Trans Pride
Score: 96
by Ineffable W...
cream, rooibos vanilla chai, berry blues
photo of Lesbian Pride
Lesbian Pride
Score: 99
by Ineffable W...
cinnamon, valentines, dewy cherry
photo of Bill Potts
Bill Potts
Score: 99
by J. D'amato
coconut, masala chai, mocha nut mate
photo of Shepard loves Kaidan!
Shepard loves Kaidan!
Score: 90
by Vorcha Girl
cream, strawberry, apricot
photo of Taako Tacco
Taako Tacco
Score: 99
by Ava Sciacca
earl grey moonlight, almond, raspberry
photo of Who I am Inside
Who I am Inside
Score: 99
by Tea maiden
vanilla, summer rose, gunpowder
photo of Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard
Score: 90
by Vorcha Girl
irish breakfast, ginger, white peony
photo of Chad
Score: 97
by Rianna Hard...
cream, candy apple, pumpkin spice
photo of Zim
Score: 99
by Space Boi
chocolate, cream, vanilla
photo of Lio Fotia
Lio Fotia
by Icarus Maci...
earl grey moonlight, cinnamon, green chai
photo of Patsy Stone
Patsy Stone
by Jordan Cole
lapsang souchong, earl grey lavender, passionfruit
photo of Peace and Health
Peace and Health
by Morgan Perk...
chamomile, lemongrass, raspberry patch
photo of Chocolate raspberry cream
Chocolate raspberry cream
Score: 99
by Capri H
honeybush chocolate, decaf raspberry, decaf vanilla
photo of The Storyteller
The Storyteller
Score: 99
by Gh0st
irish breakfast, almond, hazelnut
by Andie Kautto
orange, vanilla, apricot
photo of THE FOOL
by Andie Kautto
earl grey lavender, chamomile, rooibos jasmine
photo of Edina Monsoon
Edina Monsoon
by Jordan Cole
ceylon sonata, earl grey moonlight, pomegranate
photo of Genderqueer Pride
Genderqueer Pride
by Ineffable W...
vanilla, white chai, pomegranate green
photo of Aro Pride
Aro Pride
by Ineffable W...
hibiscus, almond oolong, white pear
photo of La Petite Mort
La Petite Mort
Score: 90
by Tea and Tarot
almond, chocolate, wild strawberry
photo of Emergence
by Karen Moons...
lapsang souchong, black cherry, cream
photo of GEN ASAGIRI
by Senkie Galo...
hibiscus, lavender lemon, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Die By Pumpkin Pie Chai
Die By Pumpkin Pie Chai
Score: 99
by Mike Cuevas
rooibos vanilla chai, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Red Riot
Red Riot
by Helena Von ...
cream, forest berries, thai chai
photo of The Soldier
The Soldier
by Molly Somogyi
earl grey moonlight, coconut, kona pineapple
photo of Berry Pina Colada
Berry Pina Colada
by Angie K
white tropics, calypso green, pina colada
photo of Mappy
Score: 99
by Matthew Myles
earl grey moonlight, christmas, cream
photo of Happiness
by Tea and Tarot
blueberry, lemon soleil
photo of Eros
by Eliza Papar...
valentines, hibiscus, chocolate chip
photo of Elio
by Cheyenne Th...
assam melody, peach, honeybush apricot
photo of Mayu Suzumoto
Mayu Suzumoto
Score: 99
by May
caramel, white strawberry
photo of Operation Snapdragon
Operation Snapdragon
Score: 99
by Laura Kaye
almond, vanilla, berry blues
photo of THE EMPEROR
by Andie Kautto
lapsang souchong, almond, tiger eye
photo of Whiterose
by Amanda Cals
white tangerine, white eternal spring
photo of Fenrir Montak
Fenrir Montak
Score: 99
by Tasha Krest...
chocolate, fiery cinnamon spice, fruit medley
photo of Cold Emperor
Cold Emperor
by Kara C
cream, dewy cherry
photo of Naho Saenoki
Naho Saenoki
by May
earl grey lavender, forest berries, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Atsushi
by Alyssa S
cinnamon, rooibos vanilla chai, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Celeaf Ceylon
Celeaf Ceylon
by Kolette Men...
ceylon sonata, passionfruit
photo of Dreaming of Cinnmon aren't you
Dreaming of Cinnmon aren't you
by Rhea Macdon...
ceylon sonata, lemon soleil, blood orange
photo of Floral Senshi
Floral Senshi
by Helena D.
cherry green, wild strawberry, rooibos jasmine
photo of Love and Lavender
Love and Lavender
by Jessica Hixon
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender, vanilla
photo of Barley
by Aryn Burr
assam melody, pu-erh spice, rooibos almond
photo of soft rage
soft rage
by Sage Harris
earl grey moonlight, strawberry, peppermint
photo of JUSTICE
by Andie Kautto
almond, cream, gingerbread
photo of Tyrell
Score: 99
by Hannah Murray
raspberry green, sour apple, green rooibos blueberry