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When girls learn to code, they become change agents in their communities. Whether it’s a game to illustrate the experience of an undocumented immigrant or a website to provide free college prep, our girls create technology that makes the world a better place. Like us, you believed in girls’ unlimited potential. Thanks to your support and contributions, together we’ve inspired thousands of girls to see a future in tech.

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photo of Liara Tea'soni
Liara Tea'soni
Score: 99
by Vorcha Girl
blueberry, white blueberry, white peach
photo of Lunaria Starlight
Lunaria Starlight
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla
photo of Calm Palette
Calm Palette
Score: 99
by Olivia Licata
chamomile, dewy cherry, spearmint
photo of Helen Magnus
Helen Magnus
Score: 95
by Lacy Rice
earl grey lavender, cream, peach
photo of She's a Peach
She's a Peach
Score: 99
by Harley S
rooibos caramel, rooibos peach, honeybush vanilla
photo of Kaitlyn Ashe
Kaitlyn Ashe
by Emily Tauriel
irish breakfast, cream, vanilla
photo of Peppermint Coconut
Peppermint Coconut
by Kayla Emig
coconut, cream, peppermint
photo of Chantrys Gift
Chantrys Gift
Score: 95
by Cranfaerie
chamomile, foxtrot, wild strawberry
photo of Agent Peggy Carter
Agent Peggy Carter
Score: 99
by Rebecca Wil...
earl grey bravo, valentines
photo of Master of Water
Master of Water
Score: 95
by Brittney D
rooibos vanilla chai, white blueberry, dewy cherry
photo of Lady Ada
Lady Ada
Score: 99
by Robin Falco
assam melody, raspberry, rooibos vanilla
photo of Summer in a Land I Remembered
Summer in a Land I Remembered
by Patricia Le...
lemon soleil, summer rose, white pear
photo of Six Vermillion Unicorns
Six Vermillion Unicorns
by Patricia Le...
berry blast, blood orange, wild strawberry
photo of the hacker
the hacker
Score: 90
by Harris H
white chai, citron green, spiced green
photo of Arlyn Pumanath
Arlyn Pumanath
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, cream, blackberry
photo of Cold Sheep and Thunder!
Cold Sheep and Thunder!
by Patricia Le...
irish breakfast, pu-erh dante, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Afternoon Supper of Peace
Afternoon Supper of Peace
by Patricia Le...
chamomile, rooibos jasmine, green rooibos
photo of REFILLED POWER Fraps
by Patricia Le...
lapsang souchong, masala chai, ginseng green
photo of Rin Hachimura
Rin Hachimura
by Emily Tauriel
green chai, hojicha, spiced green
photo of Felicity Bradbury
Felicity Bradbury
by Emily Tauriel
cream, orange, blood orange
photo of Kogame
by Chelsea Turek
cinnamon, oriental spice, peach oolong
photo of Sela-tea-morpha (Jaws)
Sela-tea-morpha (Jaws)
by Angela Zieg...
pu-erh dante, lemongrass, spearmint
photo of #nerdlove
by Emma Jansson
caramel, spiced apple chai, sour apple
photo of Rosita Bustillos
Rosita Bustillos
Score: 99
by Jenna
cream, spiced mate, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Red Square Nebula
Red Square Nebula
by Kai6978
pu-erh dante, blood orange
photo of Indoor Cream Wave
Indoor Cream Wave
by Patricia Le...
coconut, cream, vanilla
photo of Tyler Furukawa
Tyler Furukawa
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender, cream
photo of Lucia Fex
Lucia Fex
Score: 99
by Kat Green
citrus mate, mango mate, watermelon cooler
photo of AlterBlade Club
AlterBlade Club
by Emily Tauriel
caramel, cream, chocolate chai
photo of Mouse
by Valerie Kap...
peach, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Change Your Fate...
Change Your Fate...
by Laina Stanek
cherry green, blood orange, wild strawberry
photo of Seraphim Falls
Seraphim Falls
by Tara Rack-a...
chocolate, cinnamon, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Strawberry Lime Dissolution B
Strawberry Lime Dissolution B
by Patricia Le...
strawberry, citron green
photo of Forging Big Ol Fresh Fruit
Forging Big Ol Fresh Fruit
by Patricia Le...
fruit medley, peach bellini, dragon fruit dream
photo of Pyandonean Otai
Pyandonean Otai
Score: 90
by Emily Strong
vanilla oolong, coconut grove pouchong, papaya pouchong
photo of Stella K.
Stella K.
Score: 99
by Belit Am
earl grey bravo, white blueberry, lemongrass
photo of Isiah Ishikawa
Isiah Ishikawa
by Emily Tauriel
peach oolong, hojicha, apricot green
photo of Peck of Templetown
Peck of Templetown
by Emily Tauriel
ceylon sonata, cream, currant
photo of Fikozz “Fizzy” Spannerwizzle
Fikozz “Fizzy” Spannerwizzle
by Emily Tauriel
cream, hazelnut, maple creme oolong
photo of Hogwarts Shifting Blend
Hogwarts Shifting Blend
by Seneca Down...
assam melody, ginger, vanilla oolong
photo of Mercia
by Emily Tauriel
caramel, cream, spiced apple chai
photo of Conner Hertz
Conner Hertz
by Emily Tauriel
cream, fiery cinnamon spice, masala chai
photo of Slippery Violet Sands
Slippery Violet Sands
by Patricia Le...
white blueberry, white tropics
photo of Mara Sov
Mara Sov
by Cayde Bleec...
caramel, maple creme oolong, spiced apple chai
photo of Chloe
by Emily Tauriel
cream, hazelnut, mocha nut mate
photo of Willow
by Tegan Orosz
ceylon sonata, white eternal spring, honeybush apricot
photo of Gohan's 4 Star Ball Brew
Gohan's 4 Star Ball Brew
by Sif
mango green, foxtrot, rooibos vanilla
photo of Blue Dress
Blue Dress
by Emily Tauriel
white blueberry, berry blues, dragon fruit dream
photo of Faenir
by Emily Tauriel
tiger eye, masala chai, chestnut
photo of Sariel Meliamne
Sariel Meliamne
by Emily Tauriel
forest berries, tiger eye, almond oolong