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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

We provide grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. We are local to people in all corners of the UK and support small and large organisations which empower children and extend their life choices. Our grant programmes are open all year round for applications. We give our small grants awards four times a year and main grants three times a year.

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photo of We're all mad here
We're all mad here
Score: 90
by Elizabeth O.
berry blast, rooibos jasmine, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Tardis
Score: 98
by Elizabeth O.
white blueberry, white peach, vanilla green
photo of The white rabbit
The white rabbit
Score: 94
by Elizabeth O.
white peony, white pear, white strawberry
photo of Off With Her Head!
Off With Her Head!
Score: 94
by Elizabeth O.
blood orange, dewy cherry, sour apple
photo of Drink Me
Drink Me
Score: 89
by Elizabeth O.
rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla, decaf raspberry
photo of Painting the Roses Red
Painting the Roses Red
Score: 92
by Elizabeth O.
valentines, summer rose, white peony
photo of Tweedledum & tweedledee
Tweedledum & tweedledee
Score: 93
by Elizabeth O.
watermelon cooler, green rooibos bonita, green rooibos blueberry
photo of The Hatter
The Hatter
Score: 92
by Elizabeth O.
decaf earl grey, decaf strawberry, decaf orange
photo of Who are you?
Who are you?
Score: 95
by Elizabeth O.
gunpowder, rooibos jasmine, decaf strawberry
photo of Quite a Lot of Cake, Actually
Quite a Lot of Cake, Actually
Score: 93
by Valerie Kap...
almond oolong, honeybush vanilla, gingerbread
photo of Greensleeves Remix
Greensleeves Remix
by Kayla Walker
earl grey bravo, almond oolong, rooibos peach
photo of Wen Yuan
Wen Yuan
Score: 95
by Lou Evans
vanilla oolong, rooibos orange, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Marinette (Miraculous Ladybug)
Marinette (Miraculous Ladybug)
Score: 88
by Simone B
pomegranate, rooibos caramel, honeybush vanilla
photo of Pinocchio
by Mxtr Owl
pu-erh dante, almond, candy apple
photo of Of course... I Said "If"
Of course... I Said "If"
Score: 95
by Tea maiden
tiger eye, toasted mate
photo of Sophia's 'Sonny' Morning
Sophia's 'Sonny' Morning
Score: 99
by Patrice Bader
ceylon sonata, irish breakfast
photo of Flat Escardos
Flat Escardos
by Jalisa Wesc...
caramel, butterscotch, chamomile
photo of Maybe Going To Die Soon
Maybe Going To Die Soon
by Denae Hummel
white eternal spring, blood orange
photo of chocolate vanilla cream chai
chocolate vanilla cream chai
Score: 99
by Julian McCoy
cream, chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Regina Mils
Regina Mils
by Ada Faith-...
cream, spiced apple chai, candy apple
photo of We're All Stories In The End
We're All Stories In The End
by Taylor Book...
ginger, raspberry, tiger eye
photo of Berry Sweets
Berry Sweets
by Heather Talma
decaf raspberry, decaf strawberry, decaf blueberry
photo of 'Duane Benzie'
'Duane Benzie'
Score: 99
by Courtney Bl...
lapsang souchong, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Candy Hearts
Candy Hearts
by Insurgent I...
almond, strawberry, vanilla
photo of Lantern-Light
by Kid Cat
cream, rooibos vanilla, decaf spice
photo of Orange Juice and Toothpaste
Orange Juice and Toothpaste
by C
blood orange, peppermint
photo of Dainself
by Kid Cat
pu-erh spice, vanilla, gunpowder