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5% of the sales from these blends will benefit the charity

Since we began sharing stories online in 2015, one of our guiding principles has been to use our platform to create good — both in our local communities and for the world at large. Critical Role Foundation is our way of continuing this mission in a meaningful way.

Critical Role Foundation selects and partners with outstanding non-profit organizations that carry the same values as we do and we work closely alongside each of our partners to ensure that every dollar raised is going toward programs and projects that are changing the world for the better. Critical Role Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible in the United States.

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photo of Caduceus Clay
Caduceus Clay
by Jaz C
chamomile, foxtrot, lavender lemon
photo of Caleb Widowghast
Caleb Widowghast
Score: 99
by Jaz C
chocolate chai pu-erh, gunpowder
photo of Yasha Nydoorin
Yasha Nydoorin
by Jaz C
white monkey, peppermint
photo of Essek Thelyss
Essek Thelyss
by Jaz C
decaf vanilla, decaf blueberry
photo of Jester Lavorre
Jester Lavorre
Score: 99
by Jaz C
almond, coconut, vanilla
photo of Mollymauk Tealeaf
Mollymauk Tealeaf
by Jaz C
dewy cherry, fruit medley, lemongrass
photo of Veth Brenatto/Nott the Brave
Veth Brenatto/Nott the Brave
Score: 99
by Jaz C
hojicha, honeybush banana nut, gingerbread
photo of Beauregard Lionett
Beauregard Lionett
by Jaz C
ceylon sonata, oriental spice, pomegranate
photo of Artagan
by Jaz C
white tropics, pina colada, turmeric bliss
photo of Fjord Stone
Fjord Stone
by Jaz C
pu-erh dante, caramel, cinnamon
photo of Under the Neon Lights
Under the Neon Lights
by Anna Goldberg
lapsang souchong, butterscotch
photo of Strat
by Sundry G
ceylon sonata, earl grey lavender, chestnut
photo of Tiger Cream Chai
Tiger Cream Chai
by Deanne Walter
cream, thai chai
photo of Shadowidomauk
by Paichan13
earl grey moonlight, ginger, cranberry
photo of Cleric Blast
Cleric Blast
by Bambi Costa
blood orange, honeybush apricot, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Death Machine
Death Machine
by Bambi Costa
ginseng green, hojicha
photo of Blood Roses
Blood Roses
by Deanne Walter
earl grey moonlight, apricot, blood orange
photo of DM Stands For Dragon Man
DM Stands For Dragon Man
by Sona M.
pu-erh hazelberry, mocha nut mate, honeybush chocolate
photo of Winter Day Spice Assam
Winter Day Spice Assam
by Deanne Walter
assam melody, mocha nut mate, gingerbread
photo of Avian Mime
Avian Mime
by Bambi Costa
currant, berry blast, rooibos peach
photo of Cantrip Ray of Frost
Cantrip Ray of Frost
by Crystal Sun...
white blueberry, spearmint
photo of 3rd Level Counterspell
3rd Level Counterspell
by Crystal Sun...
ginseng green, citrus mint green, peppermint
photo of 8th Level Dark Star
8th Level Dark Star
by Crystal Sun...
lapsang souchong, currant, blood orange
photo of 3rd Level Fireball
3rd Level Fireball
by Crystal Sun...
pu-erh spice, fiery cinnamon spice, kentucky bourbon
photo of 7th Level Crown of Stars
7th Level Crown of Stars
by Crystal Sun...
white peony, white peach, white strawberry
photo of 1st Level Sleep
1st Level Sleep
by Crystal Sun...
chamomile, lavender lemon, decaf vanilla
photo of Cantrip Lightning Lure
Cantrip Lightning Lure
by Crystal Sun...
ginger, lemon soleil, peppermint
photo of 2nd Level Barkskin
2nd Level Barkskin
by Crystal Sun...
hazelnut, hojicha
photo of 1st Level Shield of Faith
1st Level Shield of Faith
by Crystal Sun...
almond, cream, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of 1st Level Goodberry
1st Level Goodberry
by Crystal Sun...
forest berries, berry blast, wild strawberry
photo of 9th Level Astral Projection
9th Level Astral Projection
by Crystal Sun...
black cherry, rooibos vanilla chai, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of 9th Level Prismatic Wall
9th Level Prismatic Wall
by Crystal Sun...
citron green, chili lime green, watermelon cooler
photo of Honor the Ancestors
Honor the Ancestors
by Paichan13
assam melody, cream, honeybush
photo of Eager for Knowledge
Eager for Knowledge
by Paichan13
pu-erh dante, hojicha, candy apple
photo of Wink and a Smile
Wink and a Smile
by Paichan13
pina colada, citrus mate, kona pineapple
photo of Walking in Starlight
Walking in Starlight
by Paichan13
earl grey moonlight, cream, berry blues
photo of Dragon Cherry Jazz
Dragon Cherry Jazz
by Deanne Walter
ceylon sonata, black cherry, dragon fruit dream
photo of Door County Dreams
Door County Dreams
by Deanne Walter
earl grey moonlight, hibiscus, dewy cherry
photo of Indulgences
by Deanne Walter
caramel, mocha nut mate, gingerbread
photo of 4th Level Charm Monster
4th Level Charm Monster
by Crystal Sun...
assam melody, vanilla oolong, almond oolong
photo of Yeyecame
by Paige C
spearmint, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of 6th Level Heal
6th Level Heal
by Crystal Sun...
chamomile, peach bellini, lavender lemon
photo of 8th Level Reality Break
8th Level Reality Break
by Crystal Sun...
currant, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of 7th Level Tether Essence
7th Level Tether Essence
by Crystal Sun...
gunpowder, spearmint, rooibos vanilla
photo of 6th Level Irresistible  Dance
6th Level Irresistible Dance
by Crystal Sun...
kentucky bourbon, chocolate chai, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of 5th Level Modify Memory
5th Level Modify Memory
by Crystal Sun...
rooibos vanilla, decaf blueberry
photo of 4th Level Ice Storm
4th Level Ice Storm
by Crystal Sun...
citron green, citrus mint green, blood orange