darjeeling spring tip

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darjeeling spring tip
Nestled in the slopes of the majestic Himalayas, Darjeeling is an Indian region famous for producing "the Champagne of tea." Misty mountain air and loamy soil combine to create some of the world's finest teas. Tea aficionados eagerly await the spring harvest tea, with its lingering floral character and crisp, dry finish. Light-bodied, yet rich in flavor, our Darjeeling Spring Tip offers the essence of nature awakening. Crisp, floral and complex. 2017 crop!

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Darjeeling is a town situated along the slopes of the beautiful, towering Himalayas. The town, and the tea plantations that stretch around it, are often enveloped in mist. This unique climate, along with the region's loamy soil, help produce one of the most unique and distinctive teas in the world. These altitudes place significant strain on the bushes, so they grow more slowly and have more time to develop flavor. The leaves are also more fragile, so they oxidize and dry up at different rates during production. That's why Darjeeling tea always 'looks like Fall' - brown, gold, green. This is also why First Flush Darjeelings always look so green, even though they are black teas. No one else in the world has tea that tastes quite like authentic Darjeeling.

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